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Be Prudent and Manage tomorrow’s Threats, Today.

By delivering state of the art risk methodologies and data, our Integrated Risk Management (IRM) software helps you manage current and future threats, regardless of the nature, location or size of your organization. Become Resilient by applying best practices on Risk and Business Continuity management using our IRM platform.

The Risk Mitigation Challenge

Is your Organization Resilient against risks that could affect your Business?
(strategic, financial, natural disasters, infrastructure or systems failures, sabotage, acts of terrorism, etc.)

The Compliance Challenge

There are over 120 regulations that mandate Business Continuity Management across a variety of industries (financial & insurance services, healthcare, utilities, energy, telecoms,  etc.).

PRUDEA through CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE provides an Integrated Risk Management solution, which includes an innovative set of business applications for Managing:

  1. Resilience & Business Continuity
  2. Risk Management
  3. Information Security Risk Assessment
  4. Incident Management
  5. Exercising and testing (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)
  6. Compliance Management & Assessments:
    • ESG (Environmental Social & Governance)
    • Third Party Management and Assessment
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Law & Regulatory Assessment
    • ISO compliance monitoring (i.e. ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO45001, etc.)

Safeguard your business, using minimum resources

The “Continuity Guardian” Suite Difference

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  • Helps design and execute integrated Risk Management and Business Continuity projects, in record time
  • Executes relevant cycles up-to 80% faster (according to customer experience)
  • Elegantly fits a wide variety of methodologies and is suitable for all kinds of Organizations
  • Ensures compliance with the regulatory framework, International Standards and best practices
  • Implements innovative technologies, such as Regulatory Intelligence
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Faster Risk Management Processes
Regulatory Compliance

Professional Services

PRUDEA offers high quality professional and consulting services, through an expert Risk Management team with international presence. Our customized approaches, combined with software solutions, aim to satisfy any specific needs.

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