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IRM for Healthcare Industry


The Challenge

As regulatory pressure grows and healthcare compliance problems develop greater complex, maintaining an effective risk management process is very important. Meeting regulatory compliance and enterprise requirements with HIPAA, NIST, ENISA, OSHA, OCR, HITECH and other enforced law requirements, operational efficiency, avoidance of liability and asset & human protection are some of the key challenges faced by healthcare professionals. Additionally, as healthcare structures are consolidating, reimbursements are shrinking, affected person quantity is increasing, and the risk of fines and legal proceedings maintains to develop, there are also concerns about GDPR, Information and data security, which means healthcare compliance have never been more important and complicated.

By implementing all your Risk Management needs onto an integrated and flexible platform, you can save resources, stay ahead of regulatory changes, manage risks and achieve resiliency effortlessly.

The Needs

  • An integrated framework-system that mitigate any kind of risk.
  • Assess cybersecurity & corporate vulnerabilities within organization network.
  • Integrate new regulatory requirements and conduct the appropriate risk assessments.
  • Have a holistic business continuity plan.
  • Map every step of remediation process.
  • Stay audit ready.

Our Solutions

Information Security Risk Assesment (ISRA Manager)

An Integrated Risk Management platform for assessing the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of all information systems to mitigate risk and enable decision making.

GDPR Manager

A complete GDPR platform that makes data privacy compliance scalable and sustainable with tools that automate your strategies and documentation to secure data protection across your organization.

Resilience & Business Continuity

Business Continuity platform with disaster recovery planning, exercising and testing that enables Business Resiliency to protect your organization in the event of a crisis.

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