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IRM for Manufacturing Industry

The Challenge

Risk and Compliance experts are faced with a variety of obstacles in the manufacturing industry. They must account for damages to materials, natural disasters, power outages and third-party inefficiencies. In addition to do risk assessment within production, maintenance, and delivery processes, they have got to address risks of non-compliance with EHS regulations, labor laws, and quality issues. All this risk environment of industry creates a complexity that most of the times regulatory pressure and the process to achieve quality and safety, stalls operational efficiency.

By implementing all your Risk Management needs onto an integrated and flexible platform, you can save resources, stay ahead of regulatory changes, manage risks and achieve resiliency effortlessly.

The Needs

  • An integrated framework-system that mitigate any kind of risk.
  • Assess cybersecurity & corporate vulnerabilities within organization network.
  • Integrate new regulatory requirements and conduct the appropriate risk assessments.
  • Have a holistic business continuity plan.
  • Map every step of remediation process.
  • Stay audit ready.

Our Solutions

Integrated Risk Manager

It’s time for an IRM platform that identifies a clear, consolidated view of risk across the organization by aggregating disparate risk information in one central solution.

Vendor & Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Governance presents an accurate and complete picture of Vendor risk while also providing capabilities for managing and monitoring the performance of relationships & engagements.

Incident Manager

A  software  that  monitors  every  incident  from  A-Z  management  process  while  simplifying  and  speeding  up  workflows,  resolution  and  triage.

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