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Audit Management As It Should Be

A friendly and simple interface, allows to prepare the Audit program, to record findings from inspections and to monitor the progress of corrective actions.

Depending on the level of the findings, the platform allows to receive feedback at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

A live dashboard, enables monitoring of the audit schedules, level of audit findings and status of corrective actions.

Funcionalities available through AUDIT UNIVERSE platform:

  1. Predefined or customized audit checklists to match any field work (of any audit type and size)
  2. Assess and monitor multiple Audit Field works
  3. Audit Universe (status of audits, criticality level of findings, corrective actions progress)
  4. and many more!!!
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Comprehensive, user friendly, uniquely designed to boost Audit Management and ensure compliance

Improved Audit Management, with Fewer Resources

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What is Audit Intelligence©

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a tool that does all the right things for you, because it actually has the intelligence to think like an Audit Manager would expect it to? That’s what AUDIT UNIVERSE does!

Using exclusive Audit Intelligence© technology, the platform automatically prepares Audit checklists, schedules, fieldworks and presents results in a simple and friendly AUDIT UNIVERSE environment, with a click of the button.

AUDIT UNIVERSE platform can be customized to the current or future needs of any organization, without compromising best practices.

Creates and manages intelligently, multiple and multidimensional audit checklists, results and status of corrective actions

Through a live dashboard, the Senior Management and Audit Manager may produce any report (by drag & drop functionality),  allowing them to easily review the Audits’ progress.

The idea behind all business applications of OPE.R.A. SUITE®, is to pay for themselves within a maximum of one or two years of their purchase. Offering a user friendly interface and robust business grade technology, AUDIT UNIVERSE makes Audit Management a tight, streamlined, error-free, super-quick process, releasing time and resources, as well as reducing costs.

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