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Business Continuity As It Should Be

An innovative Business Continuity Management (BCM) software solution of CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE® designed and developed by BCM and Risk Management professionals, software designers, and engineers. Effectively implements best practices in a convenient, user-friendly manner, accelerates processes, and ensures conformity with strict international and local standards.

Provides an executive overview that helps you meet strict deadlines

Includes all modules required by ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management System):

  • Project Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Review
  • Recovery Strategies formulation and comparison
  • Business Continuity Plan development
  • Exercising and Testing
  • What-if (scenario) modelling
  • Dashboard / Program management monitoring (metrics and analysis)
  • Incident Management
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Comprehensive, user friendly, uniquely designed to boost productivity and ensure compliance

Improved Business Continuity, Fewer Resources

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What is BCM Intelligence©

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a tool that does all the right things for you, because it actually has the intelligence to think like a Business Continuity Manager would expect it to? That’s what Continuity Guardian does! Using exclusive Regulatory Intelligence© technology, Continuity Guardian automatically performs BC specific calculations, creates plans, produces reports and much more with (or without) a click of the button.

Continuity Guardian can be customized to the current or future needs of any organization, without compromising best practices.

Continuity Guardian allows you to create and use any scale that you want (even fuzzy ones) with virtually no limitation. The application neatly categorizes all relevant information in any report and positions all data to its proper place, to create flawless documents, without user intervention

Continuity Guardian  takes into account interdependencies between Recovery Locations against risks and calculates resources accordingly. Smart calculations such as this, make exporting to MS Excel© a nice-to-have feature, rather than a necessity.

The idea behind Continuity Guardian is to pay for itself within a maximum of two years of its purchase. Using a user friendly, MS Office©-like interface on every screen and based on proven, robust business grade technologies, Continuity Guardian is perceived by users as a familiar application. More than this, it includes a smart Business Continuity toolbox, which makes issuing  and updating a Business Continuity Plan a tight, streamlined, error-free, super-quick process.

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