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Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) as it should be

ISRA MANAGER® of CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE® is an Integrated Risk Management platform for assessing the C.I.A. triad of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, in compliance with ISO27001, BS7799-3 ENISA, NIST SP 800-39, and GDPR requirements.
CIA assessment output is used to calculate Inherent Risk (before any controls), Current Risk (with existing controls), Best Case Risk (by applying all possible controls), and Residual Risk.

A set of Intelligent Technologies simplifies the risk assessment process and enables decision making.

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About RM Intelligence©

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a tool that does all the right things for you, because it actually has the intelligence to think like an ISRA Manager would expect it to? Using exclusive RM Intelligence© technology, ISRA Manager automatically calculates C.I.A. levels and automatically takes into considertion these level to perform the Information Security Assessment. Creates reports, and much more with a click of the button.

ISRA Manager can be customized to the current or future needs of any organization, without compromising best practices.

ISRA Manager allows you to create and use any scale you want (even fuzzy) with virtually no limitation. The application neatly categorizes all relevant information in any report and positions all data to its proper place, to create a flawless document, without user intervention

ISRA Manager includes predefined Risk catalogs that cover the requirements of the Information Security Management Systems ISO27001 and BS7799-3 ENISA.  It automatically calculates the inherent and the current risks (based on existing Risk controls). The Information Security executive officers, may decide which risk treatment to implement, because ISRA Manager presents automatically the Residual risk level depending on which action will be selected.

The idea behind all applications of the CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE® (including ISRA Manager) is to pay for itself within a maximum of two years of its purchase. Using a user-friendly interface on every screen and based on proven, robust business-grade technology, ISRA Manager is perceived by users as a familiar and comprehensive application. More than this, it includes a smart toolbox, which makes a tight, streamlined, error-free, super-quick process.

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