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Risk Management as it should be

An innovative Risk Management platform of CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE®, designed and developed explicitly by PRUDEA’s Risk Management professionals and software designers/engineers. Effectively implements best practices and gracefully accommodates a multitude of methodologies in a convenient, user-friendly manner. As a result, it dramatically accelerates processes and ensures conformity with strict international and local regulations and standards.

Perform Risk Assessment in a simple and structured way, on multiple dimensions and risk categories, based on ISO31000 methodology.

  1. Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities,
  2. Analyze existing risk control measures
  3. Evaluate Risk levels.
  4. Apply the appropriate Risk Treatment
  5. Communicate and Monitor Risks

Using Intelligent Technology compare InherentCurrent, Best Case, and Residual Risk Levels.

Decide on the most suitable risk treatment, by comparing various scenarios and mitigating actions, before they are applied.

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Flexible, user friendly, uniquely designed to produce top results… fast!

Risk Management Excellence – Fewer Resources

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About RM Intelligence©

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a tool that does all the right things for you, because it actually has the intelligence to think like a Risk Manager would expect it to? That’s what Risk Manager does! Using exclusive RM Intelligence© technology, automatically performs RM calculations specific to your organization, creates dynamic reports and much more with a click of the button.

Risk Manager can be customized to the current or future needs of any organization, without compromising best practices.

Risk Manager allows you to create and use any scale you want (even fuzzy) with virtually no limitation. The application automatically calculates Current, Best Case and Residual Risk, neatly categorizes all relevant information in any report and positions all data to its proper place, to create a flawless document, without user intervention.

Risk Manager compares different Risk Treatment scenarios and finds out which treatment is more efficient to apply.

The idea behind all business applications of CONTINUITY GUARDIAN SUITE® is to pay for themselves within a maximum of one or two years of their purchase. Offering a user-friendly interface and robust business-grade technology, RISK MANAGER makes Risk Assessment a tight, streamlined, error-free, super-quick process, releasing time and resources, as well as reducing costs.

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