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IRM products to secure your organization

PRUDEA has a complete suite of Flexible & Integrated Products to renovate the way you manage your Risk Management procedures.

Continuity Guardian


  • Is an Integrated Risk Management platform that simplifies and improves process execution, ensures compliance and reduces costs by releasing time and resources.
  • Consists of a comprehensive set of business applications with intelligent technology ®, designed by business professionals and IT experts, that will speed-up your work up to 80%* and produce perfect results.
  • Its Business applications may be provided all together as an integrated SUITE or may run individually, covering specific needs of your Organization
  • Is 100% flexible to customization, that’s why it is guaranteed that it will fit to any kind and size of Organization, and it will meet the most demanding requirements
Choose an IRM application of your interest to support your Risk Management needs

Intelligent© Technology!

The “Continuity Guardian” suite® brings you a set of subtle innovations that saves a lot of administrative work, while producing high quality results. Created by experienced consultants and user experience (UX) experts. The overall feeling and efficiency of “Continuity Guardian” suite® is plain and smart.

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