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Stay one step ahead with Audit Management


The Internal Auditor software that promises to make the life of Internal Auditors easier.


PRUDEA proposes for internal Auditing, PRIORITY’s ( Audit Management, which complies with international standards and best practices. Is a software that automates, simplifies, and guards the work of the Internal Auditor throughout the Audit process, ensuring its consistency and reliability. It is provided as a stand-alone solution or interconnected with Continuity Guardian’s Suite.

Peak Automation

  • Removes files and time-consuming tasks
  • Collects data, monitors outstanding issues, and guides those responsible for the required actions
  • Statistically processes all data and creates on-line reports
  • Standardizes the internal audit process and ensures that all the requirements for documenting the findings are met

Documentation and reporting simpler than ever

  • Library of standardized findings and recommendations.
  • Capture of audit work and collection of evidence.
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations.
  • Assignment and monitoring of corrective actions (Follow up).
  • Export of reports and compliance statistics

Surveillance of every aspect of Audit

  • Detailed system of user rights – each user sees, completes, and approves only the information that is authorized to.
  • Recording of control areas, criticality, and risk assessment in order to prepare an audit program.
  • Full recording of user movements (user trailing).

More information can be found in the link: Audit Management – Priority

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