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GDPR Module to support your Compliance


Maintain your customers’ trust and stay ahead of increasing data privacy regulations.


PRUDEA proposes for the management of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), PRIORITY’s ( GDPR Module, which complies with international standards and best practices. It is an innovative management platform enhancing the personal data protection culture within the organizations. It sets as priority the individuals and the risks that arise from the processing of their personal data, taking into advantage the capabilities for automated compliance with the requirements of the GDPR, were possible. It is provided as a stand-alone solution or interconnected with Continuity Guardian’s Suite.

Data protection on a unified system

  • Avoid gaps in compliance and easily implement changes to your business processes by automated Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
  • Register all services that involve personal data processing, related systems and third-parties using simple steps.
  • One centralized database to organize data privacy compliance records for easy monitoring.
  • Keep a central repository that logs and tracks data breaches, associated tasks, and remediation records.

Documentation and reporting simpler than ever

  • Use statistics to take quick insights into problem areas and the overall status of your Data Protection.
  • Automatically document data breaches based on customizable criteria and generate data breach audit trails.
  • Take reporting to another level based on specific activities, processes and workflows.

Automated workflows and customization on specific needs

  • Configure approval workflows for policy management.
  • Define automatic reminders and task management to confirm individual rights requests are reviewed and processed correctly and on time.
  • Create new or customize pre-configured workflows to enable automation on categorizing, centralizing and managing data requests.
  • With a pre-configured incident response workflow close breaches and notify data subjects.

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