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ISO Management for Easy Certification


The ISO management software eliminates the administrative burden of document control management and enables the standards-based improvement processes to efficiently deliver measurable business benefits.


PRUDEA proposes for ISO Management, PRIORITY’s ( Quality Management (QM), which complies with international standards and best practices. QM is the software that automates, simplifies, centralizes all ISO related procedures through documentation and assessments. It is provided as a stand-alone solution or interconnected with Continuity Guardian’s Suite.

One source for all ISO Management

  • Collects data, keeps track of open issues, and directs those in charge of taking the necessary steps.
  • Processes all data and generates online reports
  • Standardizes the auditing process and ensures that all documentation requirements are met.

Main characteristics

  • Workflow functionalities for automated and time saving procedures
  • KPIs and Reports
  • Multiple dashboards and metrics
  • Task lists for better monitoring
  • Audit trail

More information can be found in the link: Quality Management – Priority

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