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 Risk Manager to Secure your Organization


Sound risk management allows organizations to better understand and mitigate their risk profile. Risk management encompasses identifying risks, measuring and assessing exposures to those risks (where possible), monitoring exposures and steps to control or mitigate exposures, as well as reporting to senior management. Internal controls should be embedded in the day-to-day business and should be designed to ensure, to the extent possible, that the activities are efficient and effective, that information is reliable, timely and complete.
Continuity Guardian’s Risk Manager can help your organization with this difficult project as effectively implements best practices in a convenient, user-friendly manner, accelerates processes, and ensures conformity with strict international and local standards. As fully supports the latest best practices and follows the methodology defined in ISO31000 (Risk Management).

Gain an overall view on risk.

  • Enables the organization to establish, implement, and maintain a formal documented risk assessment process
  • Systematically identifies, analyses, and evaluates the risk of disruptive incidents to the organization
  • Speed and quality on results with automated notifications, actions, and workflows

Create a risk culture.

  • Get the right information into the right hands to reduce risk 
  • With workflows that ensure consistency in data gathering, management decisioning and action plans
  • Drive accountability for risks to individual business unit managers

Get all insights.

  • Specialized views and tools, to monitor remediation activities
  • Easier and thorough reporting to leadership based on strategic objectives
  • Better risk monitoring through advanced indicators based on ISO31000

The benefits

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