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Vendor Risk & Third-Party Risk Manager for complete IRM


Secure your operations & supply chain by identifying and reducing the risk of third-party business disruptions.

Have the absolute control of your third parties and reduce the exposure to operational, reputational, financial and security risk. Continuity Guardian’s Vendor & Third Party Risk Manager combines automated assessments and remediations, nonstop monitoring and ongoing review on one powerful platform. Additionally, there are a repository and Contract management tools to record and monitor the contractual agreements and the documentation that is related to third parties and their contracts with the Organization.


Secure your relations with third parties and determine Third-Party criticality

  • Accelerate your vendor onboarding and classification.
  • Reduce manual tasks with automated risk-based control assessments,
    as well as evidence collection, in one place.
  • Manage contracts with ease by using workflows.
  • Personalization based on company’s unique profile.

Complete overview on risks and compliance of Vendors

  • Mitigate vendor risks and track exceptions.
  • Automated notifications on vendor changes.
  • Control vendor service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Create a plan to schedule on site audit visits.

Simplify your vendor risk management reports

  • Use a risk-based comparison for suppliers.
  • Customized pivot table for on-the-fly reports based on specific needs.
  • Prioritize risk mitigation with vendor score-cards.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics from high level to every detail.

The benefits

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