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Compliance & Risk Management for Shipping


The Challenge

Shipping industry, now more than ever, is being transformed through digitization, digitalization, integration, and automation, which call for cyber risk management on board. Also, recent pandemic events such as Covid-19 showed us the need of organisations to have a Business Continuity plan. To mitigate the potential safety, environmental and commercial consequences of a cyber incident, regulations such as IMO guidelines, ISO 27001, NIST Framework and ENISA guidelines released to help port operators manage cyber risks amid digital transformation and increased regulations.

By implementing all your Risk Management needs onto an integrated and flexible platform, you can save resources, keep up with regulatory changes, prevent and mitigate Cyber and operational risks and have the complete overview of all silos.

The Needs

  • Identify assets and services that are cyber-related in an integrated way that includes maintaining an asset inventory, identifying dependencies and deploying automation.
  • Adopt an approach for identifying and evaluating cyber risks that includes CTI, risk indicators and business impact analysis, is integrated at an organizational level and involves all relevant stakeholders.
  • Prioritize the implementation of security measures following a risk-based approach.
  • Have technical training programmes that increase cybersecurity awareness.
  • Have a tested business continuity plan that considers interdependencies.
  • Develop a comprehensive cybersecurity programme that involves a commitment by senior management.
  • Conduct self-assessment to identify priorities, budget and resource allocation for improvement on cybersecurity maturity.

Our Solutions

Information Security Risk Assesment (ISRA Manager)

An Integrated Risk Management platform for assessing the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of all information systems to mitigate risk and enable decision making.

Incident Management

A  software that  monitors  every  incident  from  A-Z  management  process  while  simplifying  and  speeding  up  workflows,  resolution  and  triage.

Resilience & Business Continuity

Business Continuity platform with disaster recovery planning, exercising and testing that enables Business Resiliency to protect your organization in the event of a crisis.

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