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Test the Resilience of  your organization with ease



Exercising and Testing

is arguably one of the most important phases in Business Continuity Planning Methodology. It ensures that the plan is valid, efficient and will work as anticipated during a crisis, raising also awareness for roles and responsibilities.

Continuity Guardian through the “Exercising & Testing” module, provides the tools and best practice methodology to easily perform various types of tests (e.g. live functional tests, disaster recovery tests for systems, call trees exercises and awareness training, etc.). It supports different disruptive scenarios, enabling test execution in an easy and structured way, minimizing time and resources. Through BCM Intelligent functionalities, all the required data are collected and monitored in real time, extracting automatically the test results.

Intelligent Functionalities for Test Execution

  • Enables the simulation on different scenarios and test types.
  • Assigns roles and responsibilities to the involved persons in tests.
  • Provides structured methodology for test planning, execution, monitoring and extracting results.
  • Exploits Business Continuity data and shows strengths and weaknesses.
  • Allows to test critical resources and infrastructure of the Organization (Personnel, Assets/Equipment, Systems/Applications, Interdependencies and many more).

Why Exercising & Testing

  • It enables test execution to be performed in an easy and structured way.
  • Minimizes time and resources to plan and execute the tests.
  • Collaboration tools enable the participants and the test coordinators to monitor the testing process.
  • Tasks are performed by the involved persons in real-time.
  • Live monitoring of test results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Automatically generates test result reports based on predefined templates customized to your needs.
  • Open to integration with other systems for importing data and information required for test execution.

The benefits

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