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Professional Services

We have technology that elevates your organization and we provide support, consultation and many more for every need.

Business Consulting Services

Since 2007, we design and efficiently implement projects in Risk, Business Continuity, Compliance, Business Process Management and ISO certifications. Our expert team of business and academic professionals guarantees 100% successful results by implementing best practices and international standards Αs former executive Managers, we know exactly where to focus in order to provide efficient services with the least possible effort and cost for your Organization.

Resilience and Business Continuity Services

Best practices and International Standards (ISO22301, ISO22316) are applied for developing and implementing a comprehensive BCM (Business Continuity Management) program for your Organization, constituting by the following components:

  • BCM Policy (High level principles and directives)
  • BCM Manual (methodology and procedures for developing and maintaining your BCM program)
  • Business Impact Analysis (at Organization wide level and at process level)
  • Risk Assessment for Threats and Vulnerabilities, Risk Control, Information Security, IT systems, Operations, Vendor Management and Outsourcing Risks
  • Business Continuity Strategy (by comparing alternative strategies and selecting the most appropriate)
  • Business Continuity Plan, including: Incident Response, Business Resumption, Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Exercising and Testing
  • Performance Evaluation (auditing, monitoring, measurement, continual improvement)

Be one of the first Organizations worldwide to implement ISO22316 (Organizational Resilience) guidelines and become fortified in critical areas, such as:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Operational Resilience
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Information Resilience

Integrated Risk Management Services

Our services include the development of Operational Risk Policies and procedures, as well as multiple Risk Registries for performing Risk Assessment on critical components of your Organization, such as:

  • Strategic Planning, Financial, Legal and Reputation Risks
  • Risk Control Self-Assessment related to business processes.
  • Information Technology, Cyber-security and Information Security Related Risks
  • Supply chain and production line risks, including Critical Service Providers and Vendors Assessment
  • Environmental and systemic risks
  • Business Continuity, Threats and Vulnerabilities assessment
  • Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
  • Insurance and Financial Risks

GDPR and Compliance Services

PRUDEA expert Team simplifies GDPR Compliance, AML, MIFID II and  PRIIPs reporting through innovative solutions and software platforms.

BS 10012 (Personal Information Management System)

Become one of the first Organizations worldwide to implement and comply with the British Standard “BS 10012” (Personal Information Management System) related to GDPR.

BS 10012 provides a best practice framework for a personal information management system that is aligned to the principles of the EU GDPR. It outlines the core requirements organizations need to consider when collecting, storing, processing, retaining or disposing of personal records related to individuals.

  • Identification and management of risks to personal information
  • Regulatory compliance with data protection legislation
  • Inspires customer trust
  • Protects your organizations reputation
  • Benchmarks your own personal information management with recognized best practices

Environmental Societal Governance Services

ESG factors are increasingly playing a key role in directing profitability, operational performance, due diligence practices, and divestments, among other things, in today’s increasingly competitive and volatile business environment. Our Services enable a diverse group of stakeholders to participate in responsible decision-making and assist organizations in improving their sustainability performance.

We help businesses focus on improving their long-term performance, improving disclosure quality, assessing sustainability performance, bridging gaps, tracking progress, and ensuring business continuity through resilience. Prudea provides a holistic solution for ESG management goals, assisting businesses in achieving their market position as leaders and contributing to increased efficiency gains.

Business Process Management Services

Looking for optimization opportunities or trying to increase productivity and efficiency in your Organization?

Through Business Process Management (BPM) the Organization may identify and model business processes, in order to be able to measure and monitor them. In this way it is feasible to improve, optimize and automate the business lines end to end, achieving quality, productivity increase and cost reduction.

Our expert team has implemented many BPM projects across various industries in Small, Medium and Large enterprises, achieving consistent and targeted results, aligned with the strategic goals of each enterprise.

We will be happy to perform a diagnostic analysis, free of charge, for evaluating the maturity level of your Organization.

Get ISO – Ready

At PRUDEA, we are cooperating with internationals institutions, academics and professional societies, offering a wide range of Professional certifications that are essential credentials designed to help professionals enhance their job performance and marketability in their respective fields.

Our expert professional Team may undertake the full preparation to assist your organization to become certified with the most popular ISO certifications.

  • ISO 9001-Quality Management, 
  • ISO 14001-Environmental Management 
  • ISO 27001-Information Security Management
  • ISO 22301-Business Continuity Management
  • ISO 20000-IT Services Management
  • ISO 45001-Occupational Health & Safety, 
  • ISO 50001-Energy Management
  • Pre Audit to identify any gaps (omissions or non-conformity with the standard)
  • Preparation of the required documentation to resolve non-conformities
  • Awareness Training to prepare the Personnel for the Audit
  • Presence during the official inspection for the ISO certifications

Training and Professional Certification Services

Obtain Internationally acknowledged professional certifications and Personnel training in critical areas, such as Risk, Audit, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management.

PRUDEA is cooperating with internationals institutions, academics and professional societies, offering a wide range of training that are essential credentials designed to help professionals enhance their job performance and know-how.

We also offer Augmented Reality services through simulation assessments that are special designed for Health & Safety, Employee Learning and Rules & Compliance

Courses are available at Customer’s premises or at venues of PRUDEA worldwide.

Contact us to send you our training catalogs.

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