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Business Continuity Management Strengthens Resiliency


Resilience is the ability of the Organization to absorb and adapt to a changing environment and to be able to deliver its services and its objectives. Resilient Organizations should analyze, anticipate and respond to threats and vulnerabilities arising from sudden or gradual changes in their internal and external business environment.
Prudea’s Continuity Guardian can help your organization with this difficult project as it effectively implements best practices, accelerates processes, and ensures conformity with strict international and local standards, while remaining extremely user-friendly.

Simplified Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Uses best practices for the creation of the BIA, based on ISO 22301.
  • Fully customizable BIA, which allows it to support any Organization now and in the future.
  • Dynamically analyzes interdependencies across the company’s functions to determine their impact
  • Quickly and effectively handles Recovery Time Objectives, Recovery Point Objectives, and Maximum Acceptable Outage calculations.

Efficient Business Continuity Management (BCM) workflow

  • Automated business continuity assessments dramatically accelerates the process.
  • Gives you control over the circulation and approval of related information with full accountability.
  • Automates Risk Analysis, Recovery Strategies formulation and comparison, What-if (scenario) modelling, Exercising and Testing & Incident Management.
  • Allows you to closely monitor the project lifecycle, using metrics, project management tools and email alerts.

Comprehensive business continuity reporting

  • Instantly issue Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for multiple divisions or companies with the click of a button.
  • Create reports on-the-fly with pivot tables to view summarized BCM information.
  • Quickly view any BCP element in detail, such as facilities, applications, infrastructure, and vendors.
  • Neatly keep all related documents in the document repository.

The benefits

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