Information Security Risk Assessment as it should be


Prepare your organization against cyber threats, minimize vulnerabilities and stay ahead of evolving regulations and standards that require to mitigate your cyber risk

Prudea’s Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) platform maps risks to controls, automates assessments and improves compliance and business performance, so you can your IT risk in a coarse or fine manner, depending on the maturity level of your ISRA process.

Strengthen your InfoSec

  • Classify systems based on Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
  • Manage and deploy questioners with ease Includes executive overview, workflows and email notifications.
  • Assess controls and define Risk level, based on system classification & frameworks including NIST, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, and PCI and regulations including GDPR.
  • Decide which risk treatment to implement, by comparing the control strength vs Risk levelresidual risk from each action selected.
  • Easily select the most efficient treatment, in regard with the designated Risk Appetite.

Make it 100% Compatible to your needs

  • Multiple Assessment Types allows you to ask exactly what you want, to exactly who you want.
  • Extensive functionality and intelligent technologies allow you to implement exactly the methodology you need.
  • Fine tune Risk & Controls values, separately for each system, using objective criteria or an expert opinion or just install an off-the-shelf Risk-Controls library.
  • Execute what-if scenarios in every step of the process.
  • Versioning allows unlimited and regular updates for every system.

Develop a Real-time View to Information Security Risk Management

  • Specialized views and tools, to monitor remediation activities that enables to monitor every phase of the process.
  • Flexible Dashboard that gives the ability to have overview per application, standard or regulation.
  • Multiple data export capabilities.
  • Total transparency and accountability, with a complete audit trail and advanced security features.

The benefits

Intelligent© Technology!

The “Continuity Guardian” suite® brings you a set of subtle innovations that saves a lot of administrative work, while producing high quality results. Created by experienced consultants and user experience (UX) experts. The overall feeling and efficiency of “Continuity Guardian” suite® is plain and smart.

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